Republicans read Playboy?

Playboy magazine commissioned a poll to address what it called a common misconception that the majority of its readers are liberal Democrats.

Really? People think only Democrats read Playboy? Who knew?

Playboy surveyed 1,000 people. Half were drawn from a nationally representative sample of adults age 21 and older, while the other half came from its subscriber rolls.

The odd premise aside, the magazine’s “Playboy Voter” feature in this month’s edition outlined the following conclusions from its survey:

— 79 percent of those surveyed voted in the 2004 presidential election, 15 percentage points higher than the national average.

— 36 percent of its readers are Republicans compared to 25 percent Democrat, 25 percent independent and 14 percent other parties.

— 72 percent of Playboy readers favor stem cell research compared with 61 percent of the non-reader group sampled.

— Half of Playboy’s readers oppose a ban on gay marriage, double the number in the non-reader group.

This is the first of a two-part look at voting patterns of Playboy readers. The second segment will appear in its November edition, according to a release from the magazine.

Normally, here’s where I would provide a link to the magazine story but in this case, the link provided in the press release sends you to a subscription sign-up site and a large picture of a naked woman.

So, I’ll leave it up to you to navigate to the full poll lest I run afoul of anyone’s moral sensibilities or trigger site-blocking software.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen