Clash of the 527s looms

A conservative counter-part to the liberal Moveon.Org has unveiled plans to raise and spend $1 million in an effort to fight the Democrats’ quest to take majority control of Congress.

The site of Stopmoveon.org, a product of the conservative Free Enterprise Fund, says it is running ads in Indiana and plans to roll them out in Virginia and Pennsylvania soon. But the group needs money to expand into other states where Democrats and progressive groups have focused their mid-term election efforts.

The site reads, in part, “Radical billionaire George Soros has poured millions into the liberal attack machine Moveon.org. They now say that they own the Democrat(ic) Party.”

The Free Enterprise Fund is a conservative think tank coupled with a political action committee and an institute, all committed to the promotion of the free market, according to its site.

This potentially brings millions more dollars into play. The question now, is how long will it take before these ads make into California where liberals are taking on incumbent Reps. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, and John Doolittle, R-Granite Bay.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen