Holy moly II: Independent poll shows McNerney leading Pombo

A new poll shows congressional District 11 Democratic challenger Jerry McNerney beating incumbent Republican Richard Pombo by 2 percentage points: 48 to 46 percent.

The poll was conducted by a Majority Watch, a project of RT Strategies and Constituent Dynamics, and does not appear at first blush to be connected to either campaign.

Read the poll here.

The poll was conducted Oct. 24-26 with 983 likely voters and margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent points.


Holy moly, Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner to campaign in CD11

Here’s what the Defenders of Wildlife Ed Yoon has just put out in its e-mail newsletter:

I am excited to announce that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will join us at the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund’s fourth “Defeat Pombo Day of Action” this Saturday, November 4. I don’t think I need to introduce who they are on this e-mail. Our political director in Washington who invited and confirmed them tells us that both Ben and Jen are extremely excited to be part of this important build-up to Get-Out-The-Vote to rid ourselves of Richard Pombo, the “Enemy of Earth”, the “#1 Wildlife Villain”, and “One of the 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress.


Is that Bill Clinton on the other line?

We know the former prez is on our airwaves urging us to vote yes on Prop. 87, which taxes oil to pay for alternative energy.

But Clinton has also recorded a robocall for Congressional District 11, where he’ll urge residents to vote Democratic.

Campaign finance laws preclude him from mentioning Democratic nominee Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton by name.

But McNerney is the only Democrat on the ballot running against Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, so it won’t be tough to decipher the message.

Oh, and Clinton probably intends for folks to vote for all the Democrats on the ticket, particularly Phil Angelides, who trails GOP incumbent Arnold Schwarzenegger.


First Lady to campaign for Pombo in Pleasanton

First Lady Laura Bush will rally for Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, in Pleasanton on Friday, the congressman’s campaign confirmed.

It will probably be a morning event although the time and specific location has not been finalized, campaign spokesman Brian Kennedy said.

It is a rally for Pombo supporters and not a fund-raiser, he said.

The Pombo campaign must have been eavesdropping on Sunday speeches by Democratic challenger Jerry McNerney, who said he wanted his opponent to bring the president back to the district.

“President Bush’s visit was the best thing to happen to my campaign,” McNerney told supporters at fund-raisers in Morgan Hill, Portola Valley and San Ramon on Sunday. “He helped me raise more money. It attracted the national party’s attention and it helped get my name out in the media.”

McNerney was referring to President George W. Bush, of course, who held a fund-raiser for Pombo in Stockton a few weeks ago.

It’s uncertain whether Laura Bush will galvanize anti-Bush voters to write big checks to McNerney.

Laura Bush has considerably higher approval ratings than her husband.

In February, the Gallup Poll reported that 82 percent of Americans approved of the job Laura Bush is doing as first lady, nearly 30 points higher than her husband’s rating.

Laura Bush is viewed as a GOP campaign star and has appeared in recent days on behalf of Republicans in Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


Former President Bill Clinton in San Francisco on Wednesday

Former President Bill Clinton will be in San Francisco Wednesday for a “Win Back the House” fund-raiser with House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel.

Democrats hope to retake majority control of the House of Representative and possibly the Senate in the mid-term election on Nov. 7. The Democrats need to gain 15 seats in the House and six in the Senate.

But wait, there’s more. Jackson Browne, Graham Nash and Fred Martin & the Levite Camp will perform. The event will unfold at the Warfield on Market St. in San Francisco.

Okay, so how much will a part in the Democrat’s effort to take control cost you?

For a mere $12,500 per person, you could attend a private reception with Clinton and table seating at the stage.

The $1,000 ticket will get you stage seating. And for $250, enjoy general seating.


Los Angeles Dems carpooling to Stockton?

Now, here’s a commute:

The West LA Democratic Club is looking for volunteers to caravan to the Stockton area on Nov. 3 and either return Sunday or stay through the election night party and leave early Wednesday morning.

The notice to prospective volunteers says, “VOLUNTEER!!!! Hit the pavement running! There will be no better place to be than in the middle of this fight on the ground at election time. The West LA Democratic Club is looking for volunteers to caravan to the Stockton area on Friday night, November 3rd and returning either Sunday night or staying through the election night party and leaving early Wednesday morning. Volunteers will be staying in host housing or local hotel
rooms and will likely have to provide their own meals.”