Italians are really mad at McNerney

The National Italian American Foundation of Washington, D.C., didn’t take kindly to congressional Democratic challenger Jerry McNerney’s comments at his only debate with incumbent Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy.

It seems McNerney called Pombo’s approach to handling terrorism a “Tony Soprano morality,” the HBO television character in a show that depicts the life and tims of mobsters.

The letter reads, in part:

“Your references to Rep. Pombo as mafioso and having ‘Tony Soprano’ morality are clearly inappropriate and have troubled many people throughout Northern California …

“No ethnic, racial or religious group should have to tolerate this disparaging treatment whether done in jest or not.”

Oh, give me a break.

No offense to the fans, but isn’t the whole show a bigger insult to Italians than McNerney’s lame analogy? Does the foundation write a letter every week to HBO?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Does anyone remember Murphy Brown? She was a TV character who attracted the wrath of Veep Dan Quayle because she had a baby out of wedlock.

Here’s a newsflash, people: TONY SOPRANO IS NOT A REAL PERSON!