Scenes from the CD11 campaign parties: Part 1

Reporter Thomas Peele filed this report from Pombo’s victory party:

“Reporters outnumber supporters at Pombo headquarters at the Waterloo Restaurant in the tiny town of Waterloo about 10 miles east of Stockton.

The half dozen Pombo supporters groaned when the large screen TV flashed “Democrats Take House.”

The congressman is not yet in sight. His supporters are monitoring returns in a large recreational vehicle parked behind the restaurant.”

This report from reporter Ryan Huff at McNerney’s victory party in San Ramon:

“Any doubt on who’s party this was stopped at the parking lot of the San Ramon Golf Club. Two eight-foot tall heads of Rep. Richard Pombo and President Bush sat atop a trailer with the message: “Bush’s Main Squeeze: Pombo.”

It’s got to make you wonder if those heads might be used as pinatas at the end of the
night if Pombo goes down.

Not far from that trailer, masts for five TV live trucks rose up into the night — showing just how much interest there is the 11th District Congressional race.

Any chance of this race affecting a power shift in the House of Representatives ended shortly after 8 p.m., when Democrats took control. Loud cheers rang out at the McNerney party, with one man running around the room, chanting: “We did it! We did it!”

This power shift will lead to San Francisco Rep. Nancy Pelosi taking over as Speaker of the House. One partygoer said, “People ask me if we can live with San Francisco values. Well, they are a lot better than the values we have now.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen