Scenes from the CD11 campaign parties: Part 2

This report from reporter Ryan Huff at McNerney’s victory party in San Ramon:

It’s starting to get packed at the party. At least 250 people are chopping on food and drinking wine as they watch the results come in on CNN. (What, did you think Fox News would be on at a party for the Democrats?)

The Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife — two groups that have poured money and manpower into this race — have just arrived carrying green McNerney signs.

The crowd started chanting “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”

This led at least one reporter to wonder if Jerry Springer had arrived. (Neither Jerry actually walked in the room.)

McNerney’s daughter and two sons just arrived at 9:07. Son Mike McNerney stood at a podium
surrounded by 10 American flags and thanked everyone for attending. “Thank you very much for all the sacrifices and hard work,” he said. “What a wonderful night it is tonight. This campaign has already achieved the impossible. Six months ago no one would have given us a chance. And here we are tonight neck and neck with one of the most powerful Republicans on Capitol Hill.”

His father, Jerry, is expected to arrive around 10 p.m. It’s tough to tell if he will give a concession or victory speech.

With 22 percent of precincts reporting, Pombo leads by 2 percentage points. But none of the
results are in yet from Alameda County — which has nearly 51,000 registered voters in the Congressional district.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen