Scenes from the CD11 campaign parties: Part 3

This just in from reporter Thomas Peele at Pombo’s victory party in Waterloo:

Pombo spoke to journalists and supporters aat 9 p.m. after it was clear that Democrats won control of the House, but with his contest far from decided, he said he remained upbeat.

“I feel great about it,” he said of his chances. “This is the night I’ve been waiting for 18 months since they started coming after me.”

Wearing a blue jeans and white golf shirt, Pombo drew loud cheers when he said “wouldn’t change one thing” about the campaign or his work in Washington.

Asked his reaction to being, if he wins, a member of the House minority, he replied “You think I’m happy about it.”

“It’s a rough year. We lost some seats we shouldn’t have,” he said. “I tell my supporters that elections have consequences.”

He said he hoped likely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D- San Francisco, “does a better job as speaker than she’s done as minority leader. I wish her luck.”

Pomo said he didn’t believe that voter distress over the Iraq War wasn’t the top issue in the 11th District.

“There are other major issues,” he said. “People have kids. Transportation is a huge issue.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen