Scenes from the CD11 parties: Part 4

“It’s grim around here,” said Times reporter Thomas Peele stationed at Rep. Richard Pombo’s party in a remote little town called Waterloo.

It may turn out to be a fitting locale.

Pombo has already lost his chairmanship of the House Resources Committee after Democrats won enough seats today to seize the reins of control over the House of Representatives.

It’s still too early to say whether he will hold onto his seat against Democratic challenger Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton.

But the atmosphere suggests that Pombo’s supporters are seriously preoccupied and have little interest in the media.

While accommodations were made for nine or more television crews, campaign staff tossed Peele and several other reporters out of the restaurant, where they had set up their laptop computers at a table. Instead, they were told hang in a tent outside with no lights and no electricity.

“Again, it is grim here,” Peele said. “The only cheer I’ve heard is when Fox News announced that Tom McClintock (Republican lt. governor candidate) was ahead.”

What did you think? That Pombo people would tune into CNN?

Lisa Vorderbrueggen