Assemblyman Joe Canciamilla leaves office

Termed-out Assemblyman Joe Canciamilla must finish moving out of his offices in Martinez and Sacramento by Thursday.

Be sure and pick up tomorrow’s Contra Costa Times, or look on-line, for my story about a few of his reflections and views on the state of California politics. And you’ll learn about his plans for the next two years, which do not involve, he tells me, behaving in any way like a hermit!

The print edition lacked space for some of my fond recollections of Joe’s Assembly tenure.

Who can forget the furor over his decision bleach the top of his head blonde and that youthful, spiky do? Give credit to Concord’s hairdresser to the stars, Michael Chavez, for that style leap. (Question: Who does Chavez’ hair now that he’s been elected to the City Council?)

During my interview with Joe last week at his Martinez office, I finally confirmed what I had heard a few months ago.

Yep, there it was, hanging in the bathroom, a framed 2005 crab-feed fund-raiser invite returned by lobbiest and former county supervisor Tom Powers. Across the top of the letter, Powers wrote somethng to the effect of, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

There’s no love between these two. Canciamilla and Powers have been on the opposite side of the county’s urban limit battle for years.

Canciamilla may be leaving the Legislature but he’s unlikely to sink into obscurity, as you’ll read tomorrow.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen