Contra Costa tops state’s turn-out list, again

The final numbers won’t come in until Monday but it’s highly likely that Contra Costa County will once again top the state in voter turn-out among the 15 counties with 250,000 or more registered voters.

Here’s the turn-out as of the Secretary of State web site:
1. Contra Costa County: 61.5 percent
2. Alameda County: 61.2 percent
3. San Francisco: 60.5 percent
4. Santa Clara: 58.8 percent
5. Sacramento: 57.9 percent
6. San Diego: 57 percent
7. Ventura: 56.4 percent
8. San Mateo: 56.2 percent
9. Fresno: 54 percent
10. Kern: 51.9 percent
11. Los Angeles: 51.4 percent
12. Orange: 50.5 percent
13. San Joaquin: 50.1
14. Riverside: 49.4
15. San Bernardino: 45 percent

Contra Costa County party organizers on both sides of the political aisle will credit their get-out-the-vote efforts and that’s certainly a part of the picture.

Or perhaps, it was the Contra Costa Times’ excellent election section of Oct. 9 that motivated voters.

But Bay Area counties almost always top the state turn-out list. Political experts cite their residents’ relatively high incomes and education levels.

My question, though, is about Sonoma County, which logged the highest turn-out in the state at 75.5 percent. What was on the county’s ballot that drew such a crowd?

Lisa Vorderbrueggen