Forget fantasy football, here’s “Fantasy Congress”

If those on-line sports fantasy leagues leave you cold and politics is your preferred contact sport, some enterprising people have created Fantasy Congress.

On the free site, citizens form and join leagues, draft teams of actual legislators serving in the U.S. Congress and earn points for your team’s policy successes. Each week-end, players move lawmakers on and off their active line-ups in order to prepare for the upcoming week.

Yes, the 110th Congress is under way but site creators are busily updating the software and haven’t opened yet for this session.

“The new site will include an option to have exclusive leagues which will prevent two players in the same league from drafting the same member of Congress,” according to the site. “With this new system will come new ways to draft your team, including a silent auction. The site will also incorporate trades and a benching system. Lastly we will allow each league manager to customize what type of legislation will score points for his or her league. That way those interested in the military or the environment can weight legislation relating to their interests higher.”

High school teachers are using the site as a way to help teach students about the mysteries of Congress but anyone can play.

Sign up and you’ll get an e-mail letting you know when the site re-opens for play.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen