Resident slams Supervisor Federal Glover

An Antioch resident sent this very sharply worded letter today to Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal Glover, who will almost certainly see the contentious issue of Section 8 housing surface in his upcoming re-election campaign.

Dear Supervisor Glover,

When I first saw the title of your article in today’s Contra Costa Times, “County moves toward balance on Section 8 program”, I was feeling very optimistic. After having read the article though, I was deeply disappointed and was compelled to write.

The article reveals how clearly “out of touch” you really are with the Antioch Community. Unlike what the article eludes to, from the very beginning, you have never been supportive of our community’s concerns. Our pleas and our cries have been ignored and we have documented your lack of care and follow through.

It was May of last year that Gary Gilbert on behalf of United Citizens for Better Neighborhoods, wrote to you and your then Chief of Staff, Vincent Manuel. We were seeking your help about the crimes and Section 8 abuses running rampant in Antioch. You did not have the common courtesy to even reply. You did however, have the time to respond in an article in the Contra Costa Times titled, “Shifting demographics unsettling for Antioch”. We then heard briefly from you in October, after showing up at a Quality of Life Forum to make a momentary appearance and quickly leaving before the community was able to speak with you. Then once again we heard from you when Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher asked for the County Supervisors to look into the matter of the Contra Coast Housing Authority’s Management of the Section 8 Choice Voucher Program and its discrepancies. It was also then you made public that you are a full fledged Section 8 Voucher landlord.

This is the paper trail that you have left for us to follow, and it does not lead to the conclusion that you have been a part of the process and solution. It does reveal though that you have been indifferent, unconcerned, unsympathetic, and now, untruthful.

If it were not for Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher coming to our aide, UCBN’s pleas would be in vain. Representative Tauscher helped facilitate our concerns to Secretary Alphonso Jackson, which resulted in what is just the tip of the iceberg, the HUD Report.

Supervisor Glover, it would have been a breath of fresh air if you decided to finally come to our aide and help us make right what the CCHA has desperately destroyed and that is our “quality of life” in Antioch. I am sad to say, due to the Contra Costa County Housing Authority’s negligence, we do know what is like to like “to fear for our kids’ safety walking down the street…”

The truth and the real heroes in this story are Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher and her Office, Mayor Freitas and the Antioch City Council, Chief Hyde and the Antioch Police Department, and last but not least, Gary Gilbert and the United Citizens for Better Neighborhoods.


Anna Morris

Lisa Vorderbrueggen