Brentwood man designed Highway 4 web site

Chuck Handwork, the erstwhile Web guru of Brentwood, says he designed the site advertised on signs posted around Pittsburg area that I wrote about in today’s paper.

In bright, red letters, they slap three environmental groups as “radicals” and ask folks to visit www.widenhwy4.com and fill out a survey.

The signs have been installed on land owned by the family of homebuilder Albert Seeno, although no one from the his firm returned my phone calls.

Handwork also declined to name his client, saying his customer requested privacy.

He also couldn’t release the results of the three-question survey, which makes no effort to disguise its sponsor’s point of view, although he said they were “just what we expected.”

Handwork is bemused by efforts to disable and hack into the site. Handwork says the activity logs show folks trying to break in and presumably crash the page or overwhelm it with votes.

“You can only vote once,” Handwork says. “And if someone does manage to get in, I’m backing up the results every 20 minutes.”

Handwork, owner of Virtual Handwork Designs, has developed quite a conservative clientele in recent months, designing Web pages for Assembly candidate and Antioch City Councilman Arne Simonsen, former Congressman Richard Pombo and local GOP leader Tom Del Beccaro.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen