Highway 4 web site crashes

A hacker has brought down www.widenhwy4.com, a web site aimed at environmentalists created by Chuck Handwork of Brentwood for an unnamed client.

The site called environmentalists “radicals” and asks readers to answer three questions heavily worded in favor of developers over environmentalists.

But it’s not just this one site, Handwork says. It has silenced his entire server and shut down the sites of all his clients, including the Web page for California GOP vice president candidate Tom Del Beccaro of Lafayette.

“We’re working on getting the site back up,” Handwork says. “And don’t worry. We’ll be able to track down who did it.”

Handwork says he was worried that someone might try to break into the site and crash it.

So, he backed up his server every 20 minutes, he says.

UPDATE: As of 1:56 p.m., Handwork says his server resumed operations. As luck would have it, the back-up occurred 4 minutes before it shut down.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen