Is Newsom’s affair worth news coverage?

This just in from Times online editor Ari Soglin: ContraCostaTimes.com readers are split on that question. In a poll on the site, about a third of readers (as of 2:30 p.m. today) say, “Let’s stay out of his private affairs.”

But about 20 percent say that the scandal — the San Francisco mayor admits to having an affair with the wife of his former campaign manager — is worthy of coverage because of his position. And another 30 percent say the incident “raises questions about his loyalty to people close to him.”

Rounding out the poll — a highly unscientific snapshot of what our readers think — 10 percent say they “don’t care about his affairs, but dude’s hot, so please post a photo.” And 3 percent say, “I don’t care about Newsom, but please update us on Monica Lewinsky.”

Link to poll here.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen