Political junkie alert: UC-Berkeley to air conference

This just in from UC-Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies or IGS.

For those of you who missed the recent, two-day IGS Quadrennial Governors Conference, a webcast of all of the panels and speakers is now available either through the IGS website or directly through the UC-Berkeley webcast page.

This was a very interesting conference. I was able to attend only on Saturday, where the panelists were the campaign masterminds behind Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Democratic challenger, Phil Angelides.

One tidbit I found particularly interesting was confirmation from one of Schwarzenegger’s aides, Steve Schmidt, that the governor intentionally avoided campaigning for fellow Republican Richard Pombo, then an incumbent Tracy congressman who lost his seat to Democrat Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton.

The governor made a campaign stop in Pleasanton but Pombo was clearly not invited.

As I recall, Schmidt referred during the conference to Pombo’s re-election bid as a train wreck they could see coming a mile away.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen