Pombo endorses Forbis, not Del Beccaro

Jon Fleischman at the Flash Report reports that former Congressman Richard Pombo has endorsed Jalene Forbis for California GOP vice chairwoman. (California Republicans will select their leaders at the party’s convention next weekend.)

Interestingly, Del Beccaro’s Web site still lists Pombo as one of his endorsers.

That’s not uncommon. Many elected officials prefer to stay out of the party leadership fights and may endorse all or none of the candidates.

But Pombo specifically writes in the letter he sent to the Flash Report that Forbis is the only candidate he has endorsed. Does this mean Pombo has withdrawn his support of Del Beccaro?

And speaking of endorsements, no surprise here but former Contra Costa GOP treasurer Kris Hunt has endorsed Forbis, too. Hunt resigned from the county party late last year after her relationship with Del Beccaro soured. Among other issues, Hunt was frustrated over the length of time it took Del Beccaro to obtain mandatory worker’s compensation insurance for the county party’s executive director.

Here’s what Pombo wrote to the Flash Report:


One of the best things about being in politics is the people you meet along the way. During my career there have been those that particularly stand out, at the top of the list is Jalene Forbis.

Jalene has given her all for the Republican Party and its candidates. For the past decade, Jalene has become a familiar face in my campaign headquarters. The funny thing is she doesn’t even live in my district. She is so dedicated to the Party that she helps wherever and whenever she can to advance the goals of Republicans.

I’ve come to know Jalene through the years as someone who is willing to donate her time and resources to elect Republicans. She has always said that since she lives in an area that consistently elects Republicans, she feels it is her duty to help in areas where she can make a difference. I have witnessed this first hand. She has walked precincts for me; she has phoned and walked for Senator Dick Monteith, Assemblyman Guy Houston, Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian, and Assemblyman Alan Nakanishi.

Simply put she knows how, and is willing to do the hard work of politics.

In the upcoming elections at the California Republican Party Convention, Jalene is running for Vice Chairman. At a time when we need people willing to step up to the plate and do the work, we need someone with Jalene’s dedication and willingness to lead through example. She’s worked tirelessly for candidates and elected officials and represents our Party well. She knows that a true leader will never ask someone to do something they haven’t done themselves. Believe me, when it comes to politics and campaigns, she has done it all and is always looking to do more.

I’ve come to know Jalene through the years as a dedicated Board Member, volunteer, and as a friend. I’m proud to endorse Jalene Forbis for CRP Vice Chairman. She is the only candidate I have endorsed for this position and ask for you to support her as well.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen