Tom DeLay offers view on Pombo race

Politico.com today features an interesting piece penned by Tom DeLay, the former Texas congressman and House leader charged with illegally laundering campaign money.

DeLay writes that ousted Republican Richard Pombo wasn’t defeated by Democrats or the winner, Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton, but by a “shadow party” of tax-exempt foundations and political groups backed by rich liberals such as George Soros.

Here’s an exerpt of DeLay’s article:

What this network of tax-exempt foundations, “educational” organizations, 527 political groups, and political businesses has accomplished in a short time is staggering. A good case in point is the defeat of U.S. Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Calif. Until last year, the Northern Californian was chairman of the Resources Committee, and a good one at that. In 2006, admittedly a tough year for Republicans, he lost to a relatively weak challenger by six percentage points.

And the Democrat Party hardly spent a dime on the race. Pombo wasn’t defeated by Jerry McNerney or the Democrat Party, but by George Soros and his Shadow Party. His organizations and operatives provided the money, the television ads, the grass-roots manpower, and the media connections, with the card signed by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It’s true that Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee invested very little in McNerney’s race.

But who is the Democratic Party, anyway? There’s little doubt about the political persuasions of the the environmental organizations and progressive grassroots’ organizers that poured money and people into District 11.

Of course, DeLay fails to also mention that conservatives have successfully marshalled in the past two decades billions of dollars into their own think-tanks and tax-exempt foundations.

Regardless of which side of the political aisle one subscribes, one thing is clear: Conservatives and progressives spend massive amounts of money in an effort to influence how we think and how we vote.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen