It’s gonna be a long election

E-mail is going to kill me.


I opened up my e-mail account this morning and I have a message from, get this, the Iowa Democratic Party. (The party hired a new communications director. Whoopee.) There’s another one from the Nevada Democratic Party.

How the heck did Iowa get my e-mail address anyway? It’s not like this local political writer in Walnut Creek, Calif., filed even one news story from Iowa. I did go to Nevada in 2004, largely because that was about the only way I was going to even see a presidential candidate. As you recall, the Democrats ceded California to Kerry and neither candidate showed up often in the Golden Stateunless they needed more cash.

Believe me, I don’t want to be left out.

But if every political party in every state in this nation puts my name on their e-mail distribution lists during the course of the upcoming presidential campaign, my in-box will start sending out smoke signals: “Rescue me!”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen