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Is he in or is he out? He’s in.

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 at 12:00 pm in Arnold Schwarzenegger, General, U.S. House, Zoe Lofgren.

Yesterday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office and the office of Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose, chairwoman of the California Democratic Congressional Delegation, had issued press releases saying he and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle would hold a news conference at 6:15 p.m. EST today in the U.S. Capitol’s Hall of Columns right after their closed meeting on the funding priorities for California.

Then, early this morning, the governor’s office announced he wouldn’t make it to the news conference.

Then, just a few minutes ago, the governor’s office announced he’d be at the news conference after all.

Why the confusion?

“We were able to move his flight back a few minutes so we could participate,” said press secretary Aaron McLear.

Hope he’s not flying JetBlue.


UPDATE @ 5 P.M. PST: This just in from Lofgren:

“I am hopeful that today’s meeting represents the start of a successful partnership with the Governor and within California’s Congressional Delegation to work together on funding issues that benefit our state.

“In the meeting, Governor Schwarzenegger encouraged Members to work in a bipartisan manner in order to ensure that California gets its fair share of federal funds for current programs and is able to move forward on issues like the state’s innovative health care proposal. I also commend the Governor for his proactive comments on achieving an immigration program that works for our state.

“Rep. McNerney, whose professional background is as an alternative energy scientist, offered an insightful question for the Governor on his climate change proposal. It is apparent that the Governor is committed to effective action in this arena.

“When all Members of the largest Congressional Delegation in Congress work together, we are a strong, solid voice for California’s interests. This is just the beginning. I hope that we will see progress in the way our full Congressional Delegation works with each other and with the Governor for the benefit of all Californians.”

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