San Ramon entrepreneur hosts Bill Richardson

Frank Paniagua Jr. and his wife, Karen, will host presidential candidate and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson at a private fundraiser tonight at their San Ramon home.

Paniagua is the CEO of a start-up company called green plug, inc., that is developing electronic charging equipment that tailors its energy output to supply multiple devices and shuts completely down when not needed. What that means is we will no longer need to have separate chargers for our cell phones, lap tops, etc., nor will we have to throw them away when we buy a new phone or computer. Those current chargers also continue to draw power from the electrical outlets even when the devices are not connected.

Paniagua met Richardson at a technology conference in Palm Springs last year and says he was impressed with the governor’s succinct, moderate and rational views on the issues. (Click here for the New York Times’ page on Richardson.)

And Paniagua impressed the governor, as well, whose campaign staff said Richardson remembered the start-up businessowner. The campaign asked him to host the fundraiser on 48-hours notice.

Richardson is in the Bay Area today, where he was scheduled to speak at the Commonwealth Club at noon in San Francisco.

“Bill Richardson is the candidate that all my scotch-drinking, oxford-wearing Republican friends are most afraid of,” said Paniagua, a self-described moderate Democrat. “He’s pro-business and pro-environment.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen