Dublin mayor looking at BART run

Dublin Mayor Janet Lockhart, in an e-mail from China where she is visiting a sister city, confirmed that she is seriously considering a run for the BART board next year.

She lives in the district of incumbent Zoyd Luce, a man who unexpectedly beat prior BART Director and former Dublin Mayor Pete Snyder. Luce won largely due to support from Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty.

At the time, Haggerty was furious with Snyder over what the supervisor considered the BART director’s negative attitude about a future BART extension to Livermore. Snyder had stated that there was no money for it. Ironically, Luce came to the same conclusion in his first year of office.

It’s unclear whether Luce will seek re-election. He has expressed interest in a second term although he has talked about other posts, as well.

Luce, a former BART employee who says he was forced out because he objected to the agency’s safety program, has been a controversial figure at the agency. Luce and retiring BART manager Tom Margo openly loathed each other. Luce’s BART board colleagues tried to temper his blunt language and encouraged him to find more productive means to promote what they considered good ideas.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen