Rep. George Miller launches video virtual town hall

Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, was among the first of his colleagues to make use a personal avatar on Second Life earlier this year in the debut of a virtual Capitol.

Now, Miller has launched an on-line initiative called “Ask George,” where citizens can ask Miller questions about the Iraq War via a video-sharing site or blog entry posts. (Click here for a link to the YouTube video that explains how it works.)

Miller has also started a Facebook discussion group called “Ask George,” which accepts questions with “Ask George” in the subject line. The congressman’s office worked with SplashCast to develop the first congressional Facebook application, called the “MillerTV” video player, where Facebook members may add their profiles and view all of the latest “Ask George” videos. (Click here for link to the Facebook video application.)

Each week, Miller was answer questions and make comments about what actions Democrats have taken with respect to their opposition to the Iraq War.

The idea, says his office, to talk with people wherever they like to discuss issues on-line rather than require them to visit Miller’s official web site.

“The impasse on Iraq has led to many questions and some confusion about why Democrats, who are now in the majority in the House and the Senate, have not been able to do more about the war,” Miller said in a message from his office today. “I’d like to have a dialogue with yhou about this, to answer your questions and let you know what the next steps are in this critical battle to bring our troops home safely.”

Of course, we all know that Miller himself is not sitting down and figuring this technology out. He has very smart staff who manage his on-line endeavors.

But there’s no question that Miller embraces technology and has been eager to learn new tricks.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen