GOP group IDs Berkeley as CA’s lesbian capital

Berkeley tops all California cities in its lesbian population, according to the Log Cabin Republicans. From their Web site:

The gay index, assembled from ePodunk.com, “is a comparative score, based on the percentage of people reporting in the 2000 U.S. Census that they lived in a same-sex partnership. The Gay Male Index and the Lesbian Index represents the specific index for each city for gay male couples and lesbian couples. The Overall Index is the index for both gay and lesbian couples.

“A score of 100 is the national norm. A number above 100 indicates that the local proportion of same-sex unmarried households is higher than the national average. For example, 140 would mean that the proportion was 40 percent higher than the national norm. A score of 60 would be 40 percent lower.

“This statistic is not an absolute measure of gay households. Not everyone who lives in such a relationship is gay; not everyone who is gay lives in such a relationship; and some who do may feel uncomfortable saying so on a census return. However, responses to the question, asked of all U.S. households, provide a good indicator of gay relationships in a community.”

“This data is valuable for legislators and staff to help them understand the impact of their legislation and their votes on the communities they represent,” James Vaughn, California Log Cabin Republican director, said in a news release. “This data was very popular last time, so we thought we’d expand on it a little to include the entire state and break down gay male versus lesbian indices.”

So, without further ado…

    Top 10 Lesbian Index

Berkeley — 397
Santa Cruz — 366
Oakland — 362
Albany — 349
El Cerrito — 310
Pacifica — 295
Sausalito — 287
Live Oak — 283
Signal Hill — 278
San Francisco — 257

    Top 10 Gay Male Index

West Hollywood — 1282
Palm Springs — 1264
Laguna Beach — 712
San Francisco — 696
Rancho Mirage — 684
Cathedral City — 615
Signal Hill — 532
Sausalito — 329
Palm Desert — 298
Long Beach — 277

    Top 10 Overall (Gay & Lesbian combined) Index

West Hollywood — 738
Palm Springs — 720
San Francisco — 479
Laguna Beach — 478
Cathedral City — 411
Rancho Mirage — 409
Signal Hill — 407
Oakland — 312
Berkeley — 311
Sausalito — 309

Josh Richman

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