Antioch group forms RV alliance

Antioch residents Michele and Chuck Kuslits, leaders of a local group working to defeat efforts to restrict the parking of RVs and boats in city neighborhoods, have formed a new organization called the Recreational Vehicle and Property Rights Alliance.

According to the group’s press release, the purpose of the new group is dedicated to “protecting and defending the rights of all Americans as it relates to recreational vehicles and personal property.”

The group’s first big task will undoubtedly be the opposition to a ballot measure that Antioch city leaders have said they will place before voters that would ban parked RVs and boats in the driveways and front yards of the city’s neighborhoods and force owners to store them behind fences or in paid storage lots.

Many communities have similar ordinances but it has been a hugely controversial move in Antioch, where residents say they bought in this community because they knew they could keep their boats and RVs close their homes.

You can find the group’s mission statement on its web site at http://rvpra.org

The group is seeking members. There is no cost to join and anyone interested may sign up on the website or by contacting a current member for more information.

Here’s what the balance of the press release says:

At a recent meeting of the former Antioch RV and Boat Owners, financial and property rights related support from other community members and the recreational vehicle industry, was a driving force in the creation of the new organization. T

he group is currently interviewing legal counsel as well as meeting with other grass roots groups in the state facing similar issues.

A current trend has been identified in communities around the state to modify local ordinances based on “Quality of Life” issues, which is much different than the previous basis of “Public Health and Safety.”

The group and its members are concerned that in many cases, Antioch not excluded, government officials are throwing together changes that are potentially unconstitutional and unfair to all of the citizens in the community.

“We need a voice and the community needs an advocate for their interests as it relates to Recreational Vehicles and Property Rights”, said Michele Kuslits. “Ordinances are necessary for health and safety; however, they must be equitable for all involved, they cannot be discriminatory, opinion based, aesthetically driven, nor can they favor one lifestyle or socioeconomic group over another.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen