Alamo protests elimination of planning commission

The Alamo Improvement Association, a membership organization comprised of a portion of the residents of unincorporated Alamo, is asking members to protest on Tuesday a proposal to eliminate the San Ramon Valley Planning Commission.

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on the proposal at its Tuesday morning meeting in Martinez.

The vote comes at the recommendation of the countywide Planning Commission, whose members say there’s little or nothing for the regional planning commissioners to do. The San Ramon Valley is largely built out and the regional commission has cancelled numerous meetings due to lack of items on its agenda.

But some folks in Alamo say the county’s Planning Commission, which hears matters from throughout Contra Costa, lacks local representation when it comes to deliberating matters pertinent to Alamo neighborhoods.

In a letter to residents, AIA President Brad Waite said that none of the members of county Planning Commission live in Alamo and the meetings are held in Martinez. The San Ramon Valley Regional Planning Commission meets in Danville and four of its seven members are from Alamo.

Waite also noted that the author of the proposal is county Planning Commissioner Rick Clark, the developer of the Alamo Summit ridgeline project at the top of Ridgewood and Castle Crest Roads, a project that generated local controversy.

“It is very important that you immediately e-mail the supervisors individually or, better yet, attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, to express your opposition to the elimination of the (San Ramon Valley Planning Commission) and ask that the Board’s discussion be deferred at least a week or two to allow a reasonable time for the affected communities to be notified,” Waite wrote. “If the SRVRPC is eliminated, it will be profoundly negative for Alamo.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen