Democrat Van Schaack withdraws from AD15

Livermore school principal Chris Van Schaack has withdrawn from the Assembly District 15 campaign.

As he wrote in an email, “Simply put, the reality is that a full-time campaign for a competitve seat such as this is not compatible with my current prioirty to my three children (ages 8, 11, 14) and my job. This decision is not an easy one, given the amount of time and energy that I and many others have already put in, but it is the right one for those who mean the most to me.

Here’s a copy of his withdrawal letter:

Dear Friends,

Eight months ago I announced my candidacy to represent you in the 15th Assembly District. I entered this race with the intent of answering what I believed was a need for experienced leaders – especially those advocating educational reform.

During this time, I’ve learned several things as I have worked tirelessly to meet the constituents of this District to discuss my goals and positions on issues that matter to them. I’ve learned that education, transportation, health care, taxes, and jobs are extremely important to the hard working families in this district. I’ve learned that there are a lot of people who care very deeply about the integrity of their leaders. And I’ve learned that I am incredibly blessed to live in a community with so many great people.

Recently, I have taken some time to reflect on my campaign. During this time I’ve thought about the incredible commitment that is required of my staff, my family and myself if I’m to be successful in the pursuit of my goal to represent you as an Assemblyman. In the end, we can only be as successful as the commitment we make to this endeavor. And that commitment starts with me.

It has also become apparent to me that my pursuit of this goal must be full-time, beginning right now That would mean immediately giving up several commitments and responsibilities I have made. While my family has been very supportive of my campaign, I realize what an incredible sacrifice they have made, and will continue to have to make, if I am to be successful in my pursuit of having the honor of representing you.

Therefore, after much contemplation, I must regretfully inform you of my decision to withdraw my candidacy. This will allow me to continue my pursuits of advocating for educational reform at the local level; while contributing full-time as a principal, father, and husband.

I wish to express my deepest appreciation to my staff, friends, and family who have eagerly supported me during this journey. The level of enthusiasm you have provided to me over these past eight months has only reinforced my admiration and respect for each of you.

Even though I am leaving this race I will continue to work hard to forward issues that are important to our community. I look forward to working with you as I continue to pursue these issues.

Warmest regards,

Chris Van Schaack

Lisa Vorderbrueggen