Is AG Jerry Brown running for governor?

Contra Costa County Supervisor Gayle Uilkema thinks so.

Uilkema, who also sits on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, recently met with Attorney General Jerry Brown to hash out the state leader’s concerns about two refinery expansion proposals in Contra Costa County. (Brown is appealing the county’s approval of a Rodeo expansion and registering criticial comments about a Richmond project as part of his statewide push to require consideration of global warming impacts in business, housing and transportation projects.)

“He commented that if he’s going to be governor in a couple years, this (effort to contain refinery emissions) is important,” Uilkema recalled. “That caught my attention, to say the the least, although it was the only mention of it at the time.”

Some folks mistakenly believe that term limits would keep Brown out of the governor’s seat. But voters adopted term limits in 1990; Brown served two terms as governor from 1974-1982.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen