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Lee schools Limbaugh on Darfur

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 at 4:05 pm in Barbara Lee, Media, U.S. House.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, has some tough talk for syndicated talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, who last week claimed Democrats “want to get us out of Iraq, but they can’t wait to get us into Darfur… There are two reasons. What color is the skin of the people in Darfur? It’s black. And who do the Democrats really need to keep voting for them? If they lose a significant percentage of this voting bloc, they’re in trouble.” A caller responded, “The black population,” to which Limbaugh said, “Right.”

Listen to the audio here.

Lee responds:

lee3.jpg“Ordinarily I wouldn’t dignify something Rush Limbaugh said with a response, but it’s important to set some facts straight. At a time when Republicans and Democrats disagree on a wide range of issues, one area where there is strong bipartisan agreement is on ending the genocide taking place in Darfur. Just to give you an example, Senator [Sam] Brownback [R-KS] came over to the House to testify in favor of my Darfur divestment legislation! That legislation was passed by the House by a vote of 418-1! The fact that Rush Limbaugh not only doesn’t know what he is talking about, but is content to substitute racist political rhetoric for the facts just underscores what a destructive and polarizing influence he is on our political discourse.”

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  • Tagami

    Barbara Lee scored on that exchange! No surprise considering Limbaugh’s stance on how we, as a society, should treat “the moral failing and crime” of being chemically dependant. If we, as a society, agree with his rhetoric Limbaugh should be spending life in jail. Oh thats rigtht – he is a republican radio host who vomits the “speaking” points so… we should pray for his speedy recovery from his “illness”. I normally would not hurt someones career or even want to tell some one to stop talking, but at this point I think Limbaugh’s 15 minute are up.