GOP to welcome John McCain

It’s just after noon and the ballroom at the swank Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa in Indian Wells is bustling with trendy music and the clank of glasses.

About 400 Republicans gathered for their twice-yearly convention are awaiting the appearance of presidential candidate and Ariz. Sen. John McCain, the one-time frontrunner whose campaign has fallen on hard times.

But McCain is the only presidential hopeful to show up at this convention, a function of the heavy campaigning underway in pivotal states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.

McCain may be an underdog but the Republicans at this convention clearly want a chance to hear and see the guy in person, so much so that they were willing to buy a lunch ticket for a banquet meal.

Ah, McCain has just been announced. I’ll post an entry on his speech later this afternoon.

Post-script: A delegate just came by with preliminary results of a straw poll asking delegates their preference for president. It appears that with 200 delegates voting, 62 percent favor Rudy Giuliani followed by Fred Thompson in second place.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen