Channeling Bob Dole?

Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor is known for talking about himself in the third person, a trait Americans found alternatively endearing and annoying in former presidential candidate Bob Dole.

Characteristically, Bob Taylor sends me an e-mail this week from Bob Taylor.

“FYI, sometimes it is good to hear positive things about politicians on the local level. Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor is doing a marriage ceremony in our park on Saturday, do not know when that has occurred in Brentwood. Brentwood mayor is going back to Maryland for a course in survival in case of an earthquake catastrophe for his town. Brentwood mayor won an electric car at League of Cities for a year for his town.”

Yep, Bob Taylor declared in advance Bob Taylor’s intent to win one year’s use of an electric car at a recent conference of the League of Cities and wasn’t surprised a bit when Bob Taylor’s name was drawn.

Look for Bob Taylor to be driving Bob Taylor around Brentwood in a spiffy, four-seater electric car but Bob Taylor won’t be breaking any speed limits: The car’s maximum speed is 35 miles per hour, which Bob Taylor says is fine with Bob Taylor.

“Bob Taylor will stay off the Highway 4 Bypass,” Bob Taylor said.

UPDATE: The electric car that Brentwood will receive the use of for one year is produced by Global Electric Motorcars, a division of Chrysler. Check out the web site at www.gemcar.com


Lisa Vorderbrueggen