Jim Losi backs out of independent CD11 run

After considerable deliberation, Danville philanthropist, teacher and wealthy former investment banker Jim Losi has backed out of a run for Congress as an independent.

Losi is a registered Republican but as a fiscal conservative and social moderate, he didn’t like what the GOP or the Democratic Party had to offer. Earlier this year, he said he would research his prospects as an independent challenger in District 11, currently held by Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton.

He’s out for now but don’t paint Losi out of the future electoral picture.

“I have a theory as to what will happen in our country over the next four years and over that time frame, I will reconsider running,” Losi write in an email. “My thoughts and feelings have not changed concerning the state of our country. I know I couldn’t win this upcoming election and I didn’t want to invest hard earned money if I knew it was for naught. My grandmother taught me that patience is almost always rewarded. I am as patient as an oyster.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen