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Is Bill Gates a Hillary fan?

By Josh Richman
Friday, October 19th, 2007 at 8:20 pm in Barack Obama, Elections.

Oakland resident Debra Mattson recently sent a letter to Microsoft Corp. founder and chairman Bill Gates, asking him to correct Microsoft Word’s dictionary so that the name “Obama” doesn’t elicit a suggested correction of “Osama.”

“In this day and age every person, especially running for public office, deserves to enter the field on one that is level and fair,” Mattson wrote to Gates. “I find this insulting as when you type or enter any other Presidential Contender’s Name, the only other corrections are for ‘Hukabee,’ [sic] you are offered the suggestion of the word ‘Humane.’ Nothing so hurtful to that suggestion. The only other suggestion is to add another ‘r’ to Barack, but to suggest correcting ‘Obama’ with ‘Osama’ is as hurtful as you can get.”

No word on whether Gates has replied, or whether there’s a Word update patch in the works, but the Pew Research Foundation for the People and the Press recently reported that 71 percent of people it surveyed said Bill Gates’ endorsement of a presidential candidate would have no impact on their own voting choice. So far, Gates is campaigning only for “Ed in ’08.”

See Mattson’s letter for yourself by clicking on the image below:

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  • Jacob B. Wilson

    excuse me, madam if you ask me there are far greater things for Americans to be concerned about in this day and age then name corrections for a man like Barack Obama, who already get enough media coverage…Maybe we should question the bias news medias handling of the Ron Paul situation…mmmm or what about the mishandling of the foreign policy…just something to consider instead of bahhing in front of MSNBC all day ?

  • Jacob B. Wilson

    or what about finding osama?