Glover returns home

Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal Glover went home from UC-San Francisco Hospital on Saturday after a spending nearly a month fighting an illness that doctors still haven’t diagnosed.

The affable, two-term supervisor has told a Times reporter that he intends to go to back to work as early as Tuesday’s board meeting although that sounds ambitious.

Here’s the press release his office sent out a few minutes ago:

Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal Glover on Saturday was released from UCSF Medical Center after a lengthy illness. He is finishing his recuperation at his Pittsburg home.

The 50-year-old Glover returned home Saturday evening after almost four weeks in hospitals because of an ailment, which eluded diagnosis even after batteries of medical tests by staff at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez and the UC Medical Center staff in San Francisco.

“I want to thank all of those people who sent well wishes and said prayers on my behalf,” said Glover.

The District 5 supervisor has been hospitalized since Sept. 23 after feeling ill with high fever and flu-like symptoms for a week prior. Although he has been treated for meningitis and pneumonia, the doctors have been unable to pinpoint the primary cause of the supervisor’s illness.

Although the high fever and flu-like symptoms that characterized his illness is gone, Glover will continue dialysis treatment as long as necessary. During his hospital stay, he began dialysis because his kidneys were not fully functioning.

Fully functioning kidneys serve as the body’s natural filtration system. Dialysis treatment removes waste products and excess fluids from the bloodstream while maintaining the proper chemical balance of the blood. The cause of his kidney problems is still being ascertained. Doctors hope that he will regain full use of his kidneys.

Except for a period of three days when he was placed in the Intensive Care Unit, he has maintained daily contact with his staff to remain updated on the issues of the County and District 5 residents.

Glover will spend most of his time at home resting and regaining his strength while answering the hundreds of get-well cards he received during his illness.

“We certainly don’t expect, nor recommend that the supervisor return to a full schedule during his recuperation,” said David Fraser, Glover’s chief of staff. “The staff will continue what we’ve been doing these last few weeks, that is to gather information, receive constituent’s concerns and report to the supervisor to get his input when necessary.”

(Photo of Glover in November 2006 by Flickr user and local blogger halfwaytoconcord under Creative Commons attribution license)

Lisa Vorderbrueggen