Contra Costa GOP women to air on C-SPAN

A Oct. 16 lecture by author Jack Cashill to a joint meeting of Contra Costa County’s Republican Women Federated organizations will air Sunday on C-SPAN 2, Book TV, at 10 a.m.

Cashill, a conservative author and former television producer, talked about his new book, “What’s Wrong With California,” and answered a variety of questions about his numerous other publications. (Click here to access his web site and his list of books.)

Cashill is an entertaining and engaging speaker, and his new book is based on the premise that many of California’s social ills can be traced to no-fault divorce and the decline of the traditional, two-parent family. He also calls for the pardon of Steven Levy, who is serving time in a California prison for killing a man in a bizarre, 1996 San Francisco gay sex case.

As a side note, those who enjoy media-bashing will like the speech, too.

Click here for information about the California chapter of Republican Women Federated.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen