College trustee blasts Guy Houston

Tomi Van de Brooke
Contra Costa Community College Trustee Tomi Van de Brooke has sent Assemblyman Guy Houston a blistering e-mail after her name appeared on an endorsement list posted on www.GuyHouston.com.

Van de Brooke writes that she is not endorsing Houston, who terms out of the Assembly next year, in his race against incumbent Contra Costa County Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho.

“I am not endorsing you for supervisor,” she wrote. “I am endorsing Mary Piepho whom you encouraged to run for supervisor. You have never received any indication that I would support you for this seat. I called you the day you announced and expressed my concerns about you running for supervisor.”

But the list that Van de Brooke cites and includes in her e-mail is actually Houston’s old Assembly endorsements, said Houston’s spokesman Matthew Del Carlo.

The first sentence of the page identifies it as his Assembly campaign. And in another clue as to its origins, it not only lists Van de Brooke but it also includes Piepho and several other names of folks who supported him for Assembly but are definitely not embracing him for supervisor.

The page wasn’t intended for public viewing, Del Carlo said. It is a leftover page from the Assembly web site that staff plans to update for the supervisor campaign.

“There’s no live link to this page from the (supervisor campaign) web site, so I’m not sure how it was accessed,” Del Carlo said. “We removed the page as soon as we heard about it. But it’s clearly his old Assembly endorsement list.”

Regardless, Van de Brooke’s reaction reveals her strong feelings about Houston’s decision to run against Piepho.

“I detest what you are doing and believe you should live with term limits and go back to your pre-elected life or find a more relevant seat,” she wrote. “Taking my personal support for Mary out of it, I believe you to be an Alameda County-based person and this is simply an opportunistic move on your part.”

Van de Brooke is not alone in her negative assessment of Houston’s choice of races. But whether or not it will make a difference next year remains an unanswered question.

Photo of Van de Brooke taken from Contra Costa Community College web site.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen