Martinez says beavers must go

BeaverThey’re furry and cute but their days are numbered.

The beavers who took up residence a few months ago in Alhambra Creek in downtown Martinez have built a dam so solid that it has rendered useless the city’s millions of dollars in flood control improvements.

Water levels have risen substantially along the creek behind the dam, particularly after the beavers reinforced their dam with an extra foot of limbs and mud after the rainfall in early October.

We shouldn’t be surprised. As Registrar of Voters Steve Weir says, “These guys make dams for living.”

But the beavers’ top-notch engineering is putting the city in a political bind.

No one wants to go up against furry little animals whose demise will inspire public outrage. Nor can the city’s politicians trade the beavers’ comfort for that of the folks who live and work in a downtown with a history of flooding.

The Martinez City Council is scheduled to take up the beavers’ fate during its Wednesday meeting.

Photo taken Flickr by user just SOF at www.flickr.com/photos/jsoffer/698