California firms profit from war contracts

The Center for Public Integrity has released its “Windfalls of War II” report on companies making bank on government contracts from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and several California firms are among the top 100:

5.) Environmental Chemical Corp. — Burlingame — $899,701,070
10.) Parsons Corp. — Pasadena — $579,265,450
13.) Tetra Tech Inc. — Pasadena — $362,107,010
16.) AECOM Technology Corp. — Los Angeles — $293,731,050
25.) Innovative Technical Solutions — Walnut Creek — $170,377,130
44.) URS Corp. — San Francisco — $68,229,300
66.) Northrop Grumman Corp. — Los Angeles — $26,234,720
92.) Computer Sciences Corp. — El Segundo — $11,096,860
95.) Global Innovation Partners LLC — Menlo Park — $10,000,000

From the news release:

“While the billions of dollars involved and the complexity of these war-related contracts has only grown, the lack of oversight has been staggering,” said Center Executive Director Bill Buzenberg. This reaction was shared by David Walker, Comptroller General and head of the United States Government Accountability Office. Walker said that while government outsourcing has escalated over the past five years, oversight has substantially declined. The Center’s analysis also found a system marred by missing contracts, unidentified companies, a lack of competitive bidding and the absence of minority-owned companies as primary contractors.

Josh Richman

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