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SF straw poll axed in face of Paul support

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 at 12:54 pm in Elections, Fred Thompson, Republican Party, Ron Paul.

Apparently the San Francisco Republican Alliance, holding its holiday buffet dinner last night at the Fisherman’s Wharf Holiday Inn, abruptly cancelled its presidential straw poll after supporters of Ron Paul flooded the place.

From the YouTube posting: “The complaints only started after the poll was cancelled. I paid my $33 for the dinner and vote. A $5 option was also offered to vote after the festivities. We patiently listened to the guest speaker support Fred Thompson and talk on the issues of water and budget problems in California. They then held a raffle, while all the ‘cheap’ voters waited in the lobby. When they finally let them in, the room was flooded with Ron Paul supporters and the organizer notified us the poll was cancelled. I started the video after the initial announcement and pandemonium broke out. The sudden cancellation and an attempt to change the rules, understandably, upset quite a few people.”

Read another account of the melee here.

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