Water buffaloes make good stocking stuffers

Water buffaloIf you just can’t bear another trip to that crowded mall and your family and friends already have more stuff than they need, consider the gift of a water buffalo.


A friend of mine received a stellar present today in her name from Heifer International, a Little Rock, Arkansas-based organization with a barnyard of holiday gift-giving options that don’t involve driving anywhere or require you to search the house for that last roll of tape.

Buy a water buffalo for $250 and Heifer will give it to a needy family. Best of all, your loved one will never have to clean up after it.

“A water buffalo can lead a hungry family out of poverty and give them a chance for a bright future filled with hope and free from hunger,” Heifer’s site says. “In poor Filipino villages, water buffalo from Heifer provide draft power for planting rice and potatoes, milk for protein and manure for fertilizer and fuel. A farmer can plant four times more rice with a buffalo than by hand.”

What a great idea!

Not crazy about buffaloes? A goat is $150 and a Heifer Hope Basket with goats and chickens is $50. They have ducks and geese and rabbits, too.

Note to self: Return that set of golf clubs I bought for my husband and buy him a water buffalo.

Note: The water buffalo picture came from Heifer International’s web site at http://www.heifer.org/site/c.edJRKQNiFiG/b.204586/k.9430/Gift_Catalog.htm?msource=kw1844

Lisa Vorderbrueggen