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Perata: No rift with Nunez over health care

By Josh Richman
Thursday, December 20th, 2007 at 1:18 pm in Arnold Schwarzenegger, Assembly, California State Senate, Don Perata, Fabian Nunez.

perata.jpgState Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, D-Oakland, had nothing nice to say about today’s San Francisco Chronicle editorial on health-care reform legislation (“It’s too bad that Nunez and Perata can’t get along, but it’s also time for them to put their personal issues aside.”) when asked about it before a news conference this morning in Oakland.

There is no rift between him and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, he insisted, and he has no problem with the legislation — he’s a cosponsor, he noted. But with Gov. Arnold Schwarznegger predicting a $14 billion budget shortfall, now’s not the time to hurry forward with a new potential encumbrance; if taxes don’t cover the new plan’s cost, the already-in-the-red general fund could end up taking the brunt of it. Better to wait a few weeks until the budget picture is clearer, he said.

“I want to see how badly damaged we are,” Perata said, adding he’s confident the plan can still be put on the November 2008 ballot. “A good idea is not going to be stopped by two weeks (delay).”

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  • Alan

    On television Senator Perata says California’s health care reform compromise is dead on arrival. Now he’s saying he’s confident it will be on the November 2008 ballot. I’m getting whiplash. At the end of the day, it appears Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill will determine what happens to health care reform this year. If she says it won’t negatively impact the budget, Senator Perata will push it through the Senate. If she says it will make a bad situation worse, he’ll no doubt bury the reform package.