Pinole writer responds to column

Marilyn Scott of Pinole sends over this response to my Sunday column about the highly contentious recall election underway in her town. (Folks may also want to check out the comments posted on-line with the column.)

FYI Ms Vorderbrueggen:
The citizens of Pinole are not involved in “Blood Sport” as you put
it, but rather they are once again using proper due process to rid
themselves of council members who somehow feel that they are above
answering for their actions.

There is plenty of evidence in the official City Council minutes that
Cole, Tilton and Alegria’s actions have crippled our City. The
dictionary describes malfesance as “misconduct or wrong doing.
Especially wrong doing that is illegal or contrary to official
obligations.” i.e. Firing of the City Manager without having a proper
replacement on board was unconscionable. Cole saw the “light” and
ducked out on his irresponsibility, Tilton has done nothing but “cry
and blubber” since he became aware that his actions had consequences
and threaten lawsuits, Alegria has publicly embarrassed our
citizenship with her abuse of power and demonstrated disdain for
public employees as the police report shows.

It takes more than money to run a city, leadership is needed, not
abuse by those who abuse their power.

Marilyn Scott
Pinole resident

Lisa Vorderbrueggen