Get the California presidential primary buzz

Presidential campaign email is flying into my in-box at a remarkable pace. Here’s a quick run-down of what’s happening in California in the next few days.
Former President Bill Clinton is speaking tonight at a campaign rally for his wife at UC-Davis following her televised appearance in the Nevada presidential debate. He’s headed for the East Bay on Wednesday morning, where he will speak on the mortgage crisis at an invitation-only event at Everett & Jones BBQ in Oakland. With 20-plus primaries scheduled across the nation in the next month, presidential candidates will deploy every proxy they can get and with a husband who used to be president, Sen. Hillary Clinton has arguably the best-known in the field. Their daughter, Chelsea, has also been in the Bay area campaigning for her mother. She spoke Sunday at her alma mater, Stanford in Palo Alto.

Democratic challenger and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama arrives in California on Wednesday where he will speak on the economy in Southern California. On Thursday morning, he’s headed for the Bay Area, where he will speak at 10:45 a.m. in San Francisco. Obama is trailing behind Clinton in California, according to an Los Angeles Times poll released earlier today but that’s unlikely to stop his efforts to win over the large number of undecided voters in California. (Click here to see the LA Times poll story.)

John Edwards, former South Carolina senator, has not given up on California despite coming in a distant third in the aforementioned poll. He will appear in Los Angeles on Thursday as part of his three-day “America Rising, Coast to Coast” tour.

California leaders said that moving the state’s primary from its traditional June date up to Feb. 5 would bring the presidential candidates to the state for reasons other than fund-raising. But with 23 primaries scheduled on what’s being called “Tsunami Tuesday,” it’s an open question as to whether the date shift will produce a higher quality campaign experience for Californians.

Josh Richman, my colleague at the Oakland Tribune, is headed to cover Bill Clinton on Wednesday morning and Barack Obama on Thursday for the Bay Area News Group-East Bay newspapers, so check out his blog at http://www.ibabuzz.com/politics/ for his from-the-scene observations.

NOTE: Photo is taken from Bill Clinton’s foundation web site at http://www.clintonfoundation.org/mediacenter-photos-press.htm

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Jill Buck

    Hi, Lisa!

    For readers looking for a high quality campaign experience with the McCain campaign, we have a rowdy bunch of go-getters in every region of the State ready to bring them into the fold! We’re proud of Senator McCain, and the fact that he continues to poll as the clear winner in the General election. The McCain camp in CA is fired up, and so is our candidate! He’s been as feisty and energetic tonight as he always is, and he continues to motivate us.

    Hope to see you soon, Lisa!

    Jill Buck

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Jill, Be careful what you ask for! I see that you are pledged as a delegate for McCain if he should win in your congressional district. I’m writing a story about those who hope to go to the national conventions, so I’m going to call you!

    Lisa v.

  • RR

    Clinton and Obama have generated a fair amount of interest but not because of their policy statements but because of who they are. The Golden State is awfully expensive to campaign in and the party activists are unrepresentative (and how!) of the vast majority of Californians let alone American voters at large. Right now, it looks like Hillary and it also looks like California will not be a decisive primary.