Antioch man stumps for McCain in Florida

Antioch advertising consultant Allen Payton is in Miami where he’s been since Friday campaigning for GOP presidential candidate and Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Today is the primary election in Florida, and Payton said this morning that he expects to be on the phone call day calling voters. Payton is the co-chairman of McCain’s campaign in Contra Costa County, and if McCain wins in the 10th Congressional district, Payton will go to St. Paul in September as a McCain delegate to the national Republican convention.

“They’re bringing in food nonstop so we don’t have to leave the office,” Payton said via cell phone.

Payton took the photo on the right in a McCain’s West Palm Beach campaign office. Another East Bay resident, Don Marshall of Piedmont is the second man from the right.

In an email Monday, Payton wrote, “Hey. Just got back from the rally in Tampa. Great event. Gov. Charlie Crist introduced Sen. McCain. Met some local and state elected officials who were in attendance. Walked out with the McCains and former Navy Sec’ty John Lehman to the Straight Talk Express.”

Not missing an opportunity to put in a small dig at McCain’s chief rival, Mitt Romney, here’s what Payton wrote write in an e-mail on Sunday: “Took a quick drive down Ocean Blvd, today to see the Atlantic Ocean and ran into a fundraiser for Romney. Security blocking the street asked me if I was there for Gov. Romney, as I drove by with my coat in the window with a McCain sticker on it. Had to say “No” and drive on. Lots of pretty people getting out of fancy cars in a very high-end neighborhood of estate-type homes with lots of valet parking attendants around.”

Update: Here’s a photo of Payton today at McCain headquarters, where he’s hoping to leave later and head for the victory party in Miami tonight. (Payton is the guy in the blue Hawaiian shirt. Nice of him to dress up for phone-call duty.)

Lisa Vorderbrueggen