Antioch McCain volunteer reports from Florida

Antioch advertising consultant Allen Payton sends this photo of GOP presidential candidate John McCain taken from the front row of the Republican’s victory speech in Miami on Tuesday night.

“I was two people away from the podium (where McCain stood) and I had the chance to shake his hand, tell him he a did a good job,” Payton said while driving back to West Palm Beach from the victory rally at the Hilton hotel at the Miami airport. “It was a good speech and the place was packed.”

Payton has been in Florida since last week, when he flew out to work the phones. He’s on his way back to Antioch today, where he is he co-chairman of McCain’s Contra Costa County campaign.

“We thought we would win but we also knew it could be very close,” Payton said. “We spent the weekend calling undecided voters and we had some pretty heated discussions.”

Here some other photos that Payton sent over.

The group photo was taken at the reception of McCain’s victory party at a Miami airport hotel. It includes, from the left, Don Marshall of Piedmont, Mona Osborne, Ryan Pierce, Allen Payton of Antioch, Brad Vynalek, Emma Rittgers, Steve Seftenberg and Brad Grantz.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen