Edwards fans should flock to Clinton, Dellums says

Supporters of John Edwards seeking a new candidate following his withdrawal from the presidential race today should look to Hillary Clinton “based on substance and merit,” Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums said this morning.

Dellums, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk spent Thursday barnstorming Oakland, Sacramento and Los Angeles on Clinton’s behalf. They started the day at Merritt College, where they were briefed on a green jobs training program before addressing the press.

dellums.jpgDellums said he was impressed in 2004 by Edwards’ “courageous” and “articulate” focus on narrowing the divide between America’s haves and have-nots, “and it is my view that Senator Clinton has done exactly the same thing.” By embracing the ideas and recognizing the needs of America’s mayors, as well as by deeming “untenable, unconscionable and un-American” the continued racial disparities in education, ecomomic opportunity and other areas, Clinton has distinguished herself “based on merit, based on substance, based on clear ideas,” he said.

“Too much of this campaign has been about issues that are not issues,” he said.

Newsom said the mayors chose to highlight the green jobs training program Monday because it’s working to better working families’ lives, protect the environment and conserve energy, and “that’s the spirit of the Clinton campaign… She understands the importance of taking these ideals and working together to make progress.”

Dellums chimed in that “jobs are the byproduct of a society’s commitment to solve other problems,” be it environmental protection and energy conservation, or crumbling infrastructure, or inadequate health care, or affordable housing. “And guess what: You can’t export these jobs. They all have to be done in the United States.”

Clinton in October named Dellums chairman of her campaign’s urban policy committee.

Villaraigosa was asked why Latinos should support Clinton when only Obama has expressed support for granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. He replied that Clinton “has a strong record in support of immigration reform” which would include a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but that Latinos “don’t define ourselves by just one issue… We make decisions based on the totality of issues and experiences.”

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • Annonymous

    I was originally leaning towards Senator Hillary Clinton…because she is a woman.

    I thought it would be good for the nation to have a female president because it would prove to young women today that the sky is the limit for them.

    However, I no longer support her.

    I saw on TV during the past month that she will say anything to gain votes. She let former President Bill Clinton say anything to gain votes. They lied about Senator Barack Obama and twisted his words.

    They attempted to reduce him to simply a young black man in order to alienate the white vote; this is a divisive political strategy.

    Yet, Clinton says she wants to bring the nation together.

    The Clintons’ behavior disgusted me and it finally proved to me that they have an ugly ambition for power.

    I can no longer support the only female candidate for president because her behavior was not presidential. It was not statesmanlike. She does not make up for these negative attributes by being a woman candidate.

    Obama from the start has shown to be a candidate of integrity.

    Not once did he bring in the issue of race into the presidential campaign until the Clintons forced it upon us. He never tried to reduce the accomplishments of Clinton. He didn’t twist her words and lie about her.

    He focuses on bringing the nation together. When a nation is polarized, it progresses at a glacial pace.

    People who attend his speeches come out feeling electrified with a new sense of hope and confidence in themself and for our country. Just hearing him on TV has sparked a desire in me to enter politics for the love of my country.

    Then there is that issue of Experience. First of all, Obama has ENOUGH experience.

    But, give us a break Clinton. It’s not just about experience. If it was, then VP Dick Cheney should become the President.

    Fortunately, it’s also about what you are made of.

    I ask businesspeople: Will you choose a job candidate with 8 years of experience versus one with 5 years, without knowing the character of that candidate?

    I ask mothers and fathers: Will you choose the nanny with 8 years of experience over the one with 5 years of experience to care for your baby, without knowing the character of the nanny?

    In the past month, both the Clintons showed a side of them that caused me to lose my respect for them.

    Obama showed the finer character. He has also showed that he has the intrinsic qualities to be the leader of our nation. He is inspirational. And, yes, inspiration does matter.

    I can no longer vote for Clinton just because having a female president could be a huge leap forward for the advancement of women.

    I cannot look up to a female president who said anything and did anything to fulfill her personal ambition for power.

  • Edwina Reed

    I agree with ‘Anonymous’ above. The Clintons tactics show just what kind of government we would have–divisive. And hostile when she can’t or doesn’t get her way. Enough already.

    Senator Obama does show the most promise, and the most ability to inspire the next generation. Further, I believe he would be able to have a fresh start at mending fences with all the countries we’ve alienated who used to be our friends. Hillary doesn’t show anything different than our current president at bringing people to the table, encouraging compromise, and getting consensus.

    She and former President Clinton have both showed their “primary colors” over the last few weeks. I hope and pray the American people are intelligent enough to see through the hypocrisy, ruthless ambition, and staleness of another term of Clintons.

    Remember, America, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Vote for newness, vote for change, vote for Obama.

  • Jim Hildreth

    Actually, I think the opposite and the Edwards supporters, should flock to a “leader” of change.

    We are past the period of the 80’s and change is in the air.

  • Backlash

    Jim Hildreth maybe the below story will help clear your conscientious

    Clinton accused of 1978 hotel rape

    Bill Clinton faces a fresh scandal about his past sexual conduct after a former campaign worker alleged that he raped her 21 years ago.

    Mr Clinton persuaded Mrs Broaddrick to have coffee with him in her hotel room during a conference of nursing home administrators in 1978. She alleges that he then forced her on to the bed, where he held her down, bit her lips and raped her.

    Clinton accused of 1978 hotel rape

    By Martin Kettle in Washington
    Saturday February 20, 1999
    Guardian Unlimited

    Just a week after his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial, Bill Clinton faces a fresh scandal about his past sexual conduct after a former campaign worker alleged that he raped her 21 years ago.

    Juanita Broaddrick, who now runs a nursing-home business in Arkansas, told the Wall Street Journal that Mr Clinton raped her in the Camelot Hotel in Little Rock in 1978, when he was the state attorney-general.

    The newspaper reports that Mr Clinton persuaded Mrs Broaddrick to have coffee with him in her hotel room during a conference of nursing home administrators in 1978. She alleges that he then forced her on to the bed, where he held her down, bit her lips and raped her.

    When it was over, Mrs Broaddrick claims, Mr Clinton told her that she should not worry because he was sterile due to a bout of childhood mumps.

    Responding to Mr Clinton’s sterility claim she said: “As though that was the thing on my mind – I wasn’t thinking about pregnancy or about anything. I felt paralyzed and was starting to cry.”

    “This is the part that always stays in my mind – the way he put on his sunglasses. Then he looked at me and said ‘You better put some ice on that’. Then he left.”

    Norma Rogers, a friend of Mrs Broaddrick, told the Journal that she found the alleged victim in a state of shock. In reported speech, she is said to have alleged that Mrs Broaddrick’s lips were discolored and swollen to twice their normal size and the crotch of her tights was torn.

    “She just stayed on the bed and kept repeating ‘I can’t believe what happened’,” Mrs Rogers said.

  • Jim Hildreth

    Perhaps my letter of desire of change was read as directed towards HRC by “backlash”, I clearly support Obama and I question the Mayors of SF & Oakland strong support and I sense its all about power & political ambitions vs a fresh new leader and the changes that our needed in our great country .

  • Gustav

    In a couple years, hopefully we’ll be rid of you too, Ron.

  • Backlash

    Jim Hildreth

    I am sorry for misinterpreting your words sir…

    Yet let me point something out too you the black will make no difference in this election and her is my reasoning:

    I personally asked 10 Whites, 10 Blacks, 10 Filipinos, and 10 mixed nationalities during the 2004 elections were I worked at just my own scientific data this is the results…

    8 Whites Voted

    3 Blacks Voted

    10 Filipinos Voted

    10 Mixed nationalities voted

    As an African American it’s sad to say the black vote will not count in this election as the last, most feel the process is rigged and will not waste the time this will give the Clinton machine a decisive hand in wining.

    I voted for G. Bush and I love ideal Fair Tax…..

  • Backlash


    that was black vote will make no difference….

  • Backlash

    That pole was conducted around young and old professionals plus the average worker and every Black person was concerned and voiced there opinion of that up coming election yet these are the honest results in every sense.

    Black America will not vote, our future is not in our hands anymore please feel free to email the above information to our friends and co-workers if you like.

    Roanoke Virginia time 8:17 am

  • Backlash


    your friends and please make the typographical corrections please so I don’t sound like a total nut.

  • Jim Hildreth

    Backlash- Its interesting to note that the recent South Carolina vote for Obama for those who voted, his votes came from 50% Black & 25% White.

    On the other hand in Nevada, the Obama vote counted on large numbers of union hispanic union workers and the polls reflected those members would vote in mass and apparently it did not happend.

    I was in Sacramento on Monday and stopped for coffee and locals who were black & hispanic and the coffee clatch supported Obama 3 out of 4.

    You raise many good points and I have seen in my own political experience “People” talk and desire change and in the end the lack of partipation occurs.

    Perhaps the youth and the direction of the new South may turn in a new direction?

    I hope in my lifetime we can vote on the “Candidate” and forget the racial profiling of white, black, hispanic , asian, first woman.

    Louisiana recently elected Bobby Jindal the child of Indian parents and first generation.

    What was also interesting is Louisiana has always voted Democrat and Jindal is a republican, It is my opinion Louisiana wanted a change and leadership.

    Something to think about?

  • I recieved this yesterday from Ron Kelly a well known Berkely Mediator. I thought I would share his comments and opinion for those who have not made up there in next Tuesday vote.

    Ron Kelly wrote:

    Obama – A Mediator’s Candidate?

    I remember early on in the campaign, before I had formed a preference, I heard an experienced Washington reporter discussing the candidates. He found Obama puzzling. He claimed that if you were in a disagreement with Obama, he would summarize your arguments even better than you could yourself. This got my attention.

    Then, in an early debate, Obama was asked if he would negotiate directly with the leaders of countries with whom we have strong differences. He said yes. He was attacked by many who said this just proved how naive he was. He didn’t back down. He pointed out that we negotiated with Stalin and we negotiated with Mao. He asserted that you do not need to give away anything to enter negotiations with people with whom you strongly disagree.

    In speeches, he consistently advocated sitting down to negotiate with, and respectfully listening to, the heads of oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, and health care companies. He was roundly attacked as “wanting to bring Kumbaya to a knife fight”. He responded that he could afford to listen respectfully to the other side, especially if he was able to reach across the aisle to enlist even a few opposition Senators to his efforts.

    I was skeptical. I read one of his books, “The Audacity of Hope”. I went back to read an article he wrote twenty years ago on why he was a community organizer (). I concluded he had been consistent his entire adult life about reaching out to those with whom you disagree to build effective working coalitions.

    I listened to his January 3 Iowa speech (). He said he understood 9/11 not as a way to scare up votes, but as “a challenge to unite America and the world against our common threats of terrorism and nuclear weapons, climate change and poverty, genocide and disease.” His speech moved me deeply.

    The next morning I woke up realizing that Obama inspired me like no other major presidential candidate has in decades. I have not heard any other politician currently on the national center stage asserting these core beliefs as consistently and effectively as Barack Obama.

    Then, yesterday, I saw the letter that finally prompted me to send you this. It was signed by eighty lawyers working to preserve our rights to habeas corpus. It says:
    “When others stood back, Senator Obama helped lead the fight in the Senate against the Administration’s efforts in the Fall of 2006 to strip the courts of jurisdiction, and when we were walking the halls of the Capitol trying to win over enough Senators to beat back the Administration’s bill, Senator Obama made his key staffers and even his offices available to help us. Senator Obama worked with us to count the votes, and he personally lobbied colleagues who worried about the political ramifications of voting to preserve habeas corpus for the men held at Guantanamo.”
    (Full letter at .)

    If you have decided to support Senator Clinton, please know I will be working enthusiastically for your candidate in November if she is the Democratic nominee. As a mediator, I have felt inspired and uplifted since deciding the morning after Iowa that I would put in some work for Obama every day until my state’s primary. If you want to help him, I urge you to go now to and to contribute as much of your time, money, letter writing, etc. as you can.

    Enthusiastically yours,
    Ron Kelly

    PS Please forward this if you know someone who might be interested. RK

  • Backlash


    I like your thinking……

    Why do people believe in this ill dressed charlatan politician.

    1)She didn’t cry at the first ceremony for the World Trade Center. when everyone else did, she looked down at the ground.

    2)She didn’t cry when she went past the dead Marines caskets from Iraq when the families did. She shook hands and showed no empathy at all.

    3)She didn’t even show ANY emotion publicly when her husband was caught in his Presidential adultery life style. Not even toward the black dress.

    And now you want me to believe she was asked a question when she was the president of her college debate team, and now she crying.

    Am sorry either women are still asleep at the wheel She is fooling millions so far.

  • len raphael

    what the heck is Dellums spending a second on the national candidates instead of taking care of business here in Oakland? Hillary will do just fine w/o your help Ron, but people are dying in the streets here, now while you barnstorm. How much longer is he going to procrastinate?

  • Progressive Democrat

    The point is, if Dellums wants to bring jobs to the cities, why is he supporting advocates of the misnamed “Free Trade” doctrine which creates lowers the prices for US producers in third World countries and puts local farmers out of business? It also lowers wages both in these countries and the US. Only one candidate has a jobs proposal to bring jobs to the cities–Kucinich. He proposes both a WGA administration (A Works Green Administration) to create energy jobs and another WPA program to rebuild our cities roads, sewers, energy, etc. Things like our Delta’s failing dike/canal system. There is nothing in Hillary’s program to support jobs administration especially with a defense budget that now takes 50% of our federal dollars. Hillary is there to give the stamp of approval to her husbands’ legacy of exporting American jobs.

  • Diana

    The New York Times article on Bill Clinton in a $31.3 million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation is spreading like wild fire, apparently, Mayor Dellums hasn’t had a chance to read it. To me, it is an eerie step backwards into an administration that we just got out of. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/31/us/politics/31donor.html?_r=1&ref=todayspaper&oref=slogin

  • FYI Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will duel for Super Tuesday votes tonight as the Democratic presidential hopefuls face off for the first time together minus former Sen. John Edwards. CNN Tonight at 5:0pm

  • Backlash

    Jim Hildreth

    WOW!! I have just finished reading an article about Bill Clinton’s sexcapade’s and how Bill and Hillary lie to cover it up. This story is beyond belief dates times women it’s disgustingly accurate.

    Hillary’s humiliation: How she swept Bill Clinton’s affairs under the carpet

    One thing is to lie but to lie to your chld in such a manner… NO WAY SHE SHOULD BE PRESIDENT THIS WOMAN IS HORRIBLE

  • Enrique Ruiz

    I agree Len Raphael…

    Last weekend I went back to Oakland my hometown and needless to say some of the areas of the city are looking “third worldish” Crumbling streets and sidewalks, litter in the streets, and murders every other day… I mean I love Oakland I was born and raised there(Laurel District)I just hate to see it fall apart! And then to see Dellums on the campaign trail with Billary WHAT IS HE DOING!!! DELLEMS CONCENTRATE ON OAKLAND!! If not I see RECALL in your future and you wont have a job because Billary is going to lose this Super Tuesday! Sorry but I just had to say what I feel…

  • Dennis L. Wells

    I don’t know how Ronald Dellums can support anyone…he has not done one thing for Oakland since he become mayor. What happen if Sen. Obama gets the nomination…then all the Calif. mayor will be sucking up to him then…trying to get some money. DON’T THESE MAYOR’S UNDERSTAND PEOPLE WANT CHANGE…AND THAT INCLUDES GETTING RID OF THEM.