Klaske withdraws from Assembly race

San Ramon entrepreneur Fred Klaske has withdrawn from the crowded Assembly District 15 race, citing poor fund-raising.

Klaske had also run into trouble because he didn’t live in Assembly District 15 until last August, a gerrymandered sprawl of a district that stretches over four counties and through the San Ramon Valley.

His departure leaves four on the Democratic ticket, including San Ramon School Board Trustee Joan Buchanan, former airline pilot Steve Filson of Danville, electrician Steve Thomas of Danville, and school-teacher John Taylor of Sacramento. (UPDATE: Davies Ononiwu of Elk Grove withdrew in December.)

Here’s an excerpt of what Klaske said in his press release issued today:

I am formally withdrawing from the race for the 15th Assembly District of California today …

Head Shot of Fred Klaske I am pulling out of this race for one simple reason: I was not able to accomplish the fundraising results needed, in the timeframe needed, to remain competitive as this race moves into the critical round of endorsements by recognized, professional political organizations that the voters in a primary such as this will depend upon. With the help of close to 200 folks, we were able to raise over $20,000 in 11 months. As promised, I put $100,000 from my pocket into that pile of cash, and I had finally located a highly qualified, professional, and very willing fundraising resource with 20+ years of experience and tons of references.

Unfortunately, that outstanding fundraising resource was identified too late to make a difference in the 4th Quarter results that those political organizations will rely upon in determining the financial viability of my campaign — financial results that unfortunately matter more than message.

To put it another way, I simply ran out of time in this election cycle — and if anyone is at fault, or to blame, let it rest on my shoulders alone.

To me, and I suspect to some of you as well, message does matter — and the causes this campaign cares about, especially getting our civilization off of carbon-intensive fuels ASAP, really matter to us and the generations to follow, as I’ve seen and heard loud and clear during these last 11+ months.

I’m proud to have tossed my hat into elective politics — even if “I cared, I tried, and I failed” this time around — and I’m so very proud of the support that so many people showed for helping me move this message forward to the eyes and ears of hundreds of decision makers throughout the state of California, especially Sacramento.

Please know that I’m proud to announce that I’m voting for the next President of these United States in the upcoming primary on February 5th — Barack Obama — as the best possible choice to unify us and move us forward in a positive spirit of hope and change we really can believe in.

As for me, I intend to continue working hard every day to get us “beyond carbon” — and I’ll be working with numerous contacts in the private sector who are likewise passionately pursuing that objective — and I will let my supporters know from time to time new and promising things that are being developed to get us all there.

I’ll also be involved, to the extent that I can, in helping California lead the way to a carbon cap and trade system for emissions, so that we can place a truer cost on those CO2 greenhouse gases and make the economics that much more favorable for the transition toward non-carbon sources of energy.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

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