Obama campaign chief thrilled so far

I’m just finished a conference call with Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, whose candidate has done very well in states where the polls have already closed.

CNN has projected Obama the winner in seven states: Georgia, Alabama, his home state of Illinois as well as Connecticut, Delaware, North Dakota and Kansas. CNN projects Clinton the winner in Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee

“We’re ahead in the delegate count, currently, about 606 to 534 in term of pledged delegates,” Plouffe said. “We’re thrilled with the results so far and we think we are going to have a good night when it’s all said and done. ”

Yesterday, Plouffe downplayed expectations for Feb. 5 and said the plan was to stay within striking distance of Clinton in the delegate chase.

Tonight, Plouffe expressd surprise at how well Obama is doing. Of course, California’s polls won’t close for 5 minutes and it’s a big prize.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen