Pinole recall appears headed for victory

The controversial and hotly debated recall of Pinole councilmembers Maria Alegria and Stephen Tilton appears headed for success tonight.

With 10 of 16 precincts counted, or more than 60 percent of the vote, the results are running against Alegria 61 percent to 38 percent and Tilton is seeing a similar result.

Alegria and Tilton called the recall “revenge politics” but it looks as though the voters exacted the final revenge.

If the votes hold up, the Pinole City Council will have three new members including Debbie Long, one of the most vocal critics of the incumbents, former councilman Roy Swearingen and Virginia Fujita.

Ironically, Tilton wasn’t even in town to see his likely ouster. He’s in Brazil attending Carnival; he says it was a preplanned trip for his 40th birthday.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen