Election erata from Contra Costa

Political junkies may enjoy these tidbits from Contra Costa Registrar of Voters Steve Weir, including the fact the turnout among Democrats may top 74 percent while Republican turnout was 57 percent

Here are Steve’s notes:

– (John) Edwards received 6,076 from the vote-by-mail ballots and 1,399 from election day ballots.  He finished ahead of “write-ins”  and all other Demo candidates below him received fewer votes that “write-in”.
— In the American Independent Party, “write-in” was the top candidate, and was larger than the total vote for the three candidates.  (64% of the vote cast in the American Independent Party was for a write-in candidate.)
— In the Green Party, Nader came in first, but “write-in” topped the other 6 candidates. — In the Libertarian Party,  “write-in” came in first beating the 12 candidates in that contest.
— In the Peace & Freedom Party, “write-in” came in first beating all 7 candidates, including Nader.
— For the election night total, over 5,000 people wrote in a candidate for president, or about 2% of those voting.
— Democratic write-in was one half of one percent.  Demos had 1,842 over/under voted ballots or 1.1%.
— Republican write-in was two percent.  Reps had 2,106 over/under voted ballots or 2.7%.
— Democratic turn out looks like 74% and we have 45,000 to add. (This includes cross-over voting from decline to state voters.)
— Republican turn out looks like 57% .
— If one half of the remaining ballots are Democratic, that turn out will approach 84%.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen